LE ROUX VAN NIEKERK ATTORNEYS strive at all times to provide you with ethical, affordable and exceptional service.

Our services include the following:

Purchase and sale of property and registration of transfer;
Administration of Estates;
Family Law and Divorces;
Marriage Contracts;
Road Accident Fund Claims and Medical Negligence;
Additional services.

The attorneys involved and their corresponding years of experience are as follows:
Pieter van Niekerk (Partner) - 41 years
Pieter van Niekerk (Partner) - 8 years
Deon Cronje (Consultant) - 36 years
Jana van Niekerk (Associate) - 9 years

As the bokke coach would say: A good mix of youth and experience!

We take pride in the fact that when a client phones us, they speak directly to the attorney and not to his secretary.